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Winmate Rugged Tablet PC with Vehicle Docking for the Fleet Management

Winmate's Industrial Rugged Tablet PC with dedicated vehicle mount offers a two-in-one solution that can replace a conventional in-vehicle fixed-mount computer but can also replace a dedicated field-use tablet as it can be easily removed from the vehicle.

Next-Generation Vehicle Diagnostic Systems Enable Auto Manufacturers to Test and Build Safer Cars More Efficiently

Advancements in vehicle technology are rapidly accelerating – changing the way cars are built, tested and maintained. Many of these advancements are in response to higher safety standards, consumer expectations, and the drive to improve overall performance and create more fuel-efficient automobiles.

Ambulance and Emergency service project in Europe

Winmate's Intel Atom powered rugged tablet can be securely mounted inside an ambulance with a customized vehicle dock, providing ambulance route navigation and updated information from the main control center.

Rugged Computing for Inventory Management

Winmate's 12.1" ultra rugged tablet pc automates warehouse efficiencies enabling users to increase material handling, reduce costs associated with handling delays, and streamline the supply chain.

Streamlining Transportation and Logistics – Warehouse to Store

From the warehouse to the store, transportation and logistics are complex ecosystems that rely on fast, reliable and secure communications. The right system will automate every step of the process from inventory management to order fulfillment and asset tracking, creating a connected and cohesive structure

Winmate Teams With Meeting Magic To Advance Building Automation

Winmate's line of powerful, multi-touch panel PCs now integrate with Meeting Magic, the popular meeting management software that brings venue scheduling and building automation to the next level.

Winmate Secures $7M Contract With Latin American Telecommunications Co.

The contract includes provisions for Winmate's M700DM4 rugged, mobile 4G/LTE tablet for use in public safety

4G LTE Meets Rapid Processing Power In A Rugged Tablet Format

The Winmate M101B and M700DM4 are among the first rugged, mobile tablets by Winmate to offer 4G LTE connectivity. This means increased bandwidth, rapid connectivity and powerful processing.

Thin and light 10.1" Rugged Tablet PC for Harvester

For harvester operators, durability, power, stability, and a reliable, accurate control system are essential. Winmate’s robust 10.1” M101B rugged, mobile tablet is now configured to be deployed as a harvester control system.


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