Published on May.12.2016
Winmate G-WIN 19" Panel PC - Sealed, Waterproof Panel with Intel Core i5 Processor

Winmate's G-WIN Series consists of rugged and unusually well-sealed vehicle or stationary-mount Panel PCs available in a wide variety of configurations. Depending on the intended application, G-WIN panels have been available with 5-wire resistive touch displays measuring 8.4, 10.4, 12.1 or 15-inches diagonally. Since the sealed nature and high reliability requirements of the G-Win line precluded fans and cooling slots, G-Win Panel PCs were designed with low power processors that didn't generate a lot of heat. That meant either Intel Cedar Trail or, more recently, Intel Bay Trail processors. While even Bay Trail is still based on the Intel Atom processor architecture, higher end quad-core Bay Trail chips such as the quad-core N2930 used in several G-Win models have grown quite powerful. Sometimes, however, an even larger display is needed, and even higher performance, and that's where the new 19-inch G-Win panels come in.

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This new 19-inch G-Win panel does not only offer considerably more screen real estate than a 15-inch model — about 90% more in fact — but the larger case also provides enough extra heat dissipation to allow the use of Intel Haswell or Broadwell Core i5 processors with their higher thermal design power and significantly higher performance.

19-inch Full IP67 Panel PC and Display
R19L100-67FTP (Display) R19IH3S-67FTP (Panel PC)
Intel Core i5-5200U Broadwell 2.2GHz
19-inch , 1280 x 1024
400nits with optional 1000nits High Brightness
   1) 1 x IP67 sealed HDMI
   2) 1 x IP67 sealed VGA output
   3) 1 x IP67 sealed COM
   4) 1 x IP67 USB for Touch
   5) 1 x IP67 9~36V DC In
   1) 1 x IP67 USB 2.0 A Type with cover
   2) 1 x IP67 LAN with RJ45 Connector
   3) 1 x IP67 USB 2.0 Connector
   4) 1 x IP67 RS232/422/485
   5) 1 x IP67 9~36V DC
19-inch Military Display
R19L100-MLM1 (Display)
19-inch , 1280 x 1024
400nits with optional 1000nits High Brightness
   1) Military Grade 9-36V Isolation DC in
   2) VGA Input
   3) DVI-D Input
   4) RS232
19-inch Aluminum Panel PC (ATEX - C1D2 certified)
Intel Haswell Core i7-4650U Processor
19-inch , 1280 x 1024
400nits with optional 1000nits High Brightness

  For HazLoc
  1) Line In
  2) Mic In
  3) Line Out
  4) USB 2.0 Terminal Block
  5) LAN terminal Block
  6) RS232/422/485 Terminal Block
  7) 9~36V DC In Terminal Block

  For testing use
  8) USB 2.0
  9) USB 2.0/3.0
  10) RJ45 LAN
  11) RS232/422/485 (DB9)
  12) VGA (DB15)

  A) M16 Cable Gland
  B) M12 Cable Gland


The IP67 and ATEX-C1D2 version has special waterproof M16 type of connectors with screw-on caps.
Other interesting ruggedness specs include a built-in intelligent heater that boosts the standard 14° to 140°F (-10° to 60℃) operating temperature range all the way up to -40° to 158°F (-40° to 70℃) for when things get really extreme. Winmate also conducts Mil-STD-810G testing for shock and vibration.

  - Outdoor Application
  - Food Industry / Food Processing
  - Air Traffic Controller
  - Hazardous Location Deployment
  - Machine to Machine controller
  - Factory automation

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