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Winmate DNV Approved Marine Panel PC and Display
Winmate's certified for marine industry cutting-edge display and computer solutions to enable the vessel bridges of the future
1 October, 2020
Winmate DNV Approved Marine Panel PC and Display
Winmate offers DNVGL-CG-0339, IEC60945 and IACS-E10 certified display, panel PC and embedded automation controllers for the marine and subsea markets that are suitable for a variety of applications, including shipping navigation, monitoring and surveillance, and ship automation systems.

In our age of rapid technological advancement, the marine and offshore industries are continually searching for new ways to take advantage of the latest benefits of the technology tidal wave.

In maritime activities and naval forces, rapid, reliable, and durable technology are mission-critical. Winmate offers marine products that feature industrial-grade design and undergo rigorous testing beyond military standard compliance to ensure safety and performance. The innovative Marine Panel PC, Display, and EAC Box PC deliver power, peripheral connectivity, and the ability to control and power multiple devices at once while meeting marine equipment standards DNVGL-CG-0339, IEC60945, and IACS E10.

Winmate marine panel PCs and displays are suitable for maritime applications, including bridge control systems, engine room monitoring, navigation, and positioning systems.

Why Winmate?

Ruggedness – Winmate performs in-house product reliability tests to ensure optimal performance in harsh environments, including exposure to humidity, shock, and vibration.

Panel Options – For demanding applications such as in marine navigation, daylight-viewable screens can provide reliable use in all daytime lighting conditions; Winmate offers transflective or high brightness screen options.

Viewability – Winmate marine series offers numerous combinations of display and touch technologies and backlight intensities for the convenient brightness control and viewability in the day, night, and dusk.

Design and Electronics – Powder-coated aluminum housings feature anti-corrosion protection against salt, water, and humidity necessary for marine applications.

Longevity – Our marine-approved computers have a long product life-cycle to guarantee compliance with existing systems for many years.

Marine Regulatory Compliance


DVN GL is an autonomous and independent foundation with the objectives of safeguarding life, property, and the environment at sea and onshore. DNV certification is related to the quality of ships, offshore units, and installations of the system and components.

IEC Publication No. 60945

Equipment intended to be used in navigation and radio communication systems is to comply with IEC Publication No. 60945, "Maritime navigation and radio communication equipment and systems – General Requirements- Method of testing and required test results."


IACS is an organization that provides technical support and guidance for promoting the safety of life, property, and the environment through the verification of compliance with technical and engineering standards for the design, construction, and life-cycle maintenance of ships, offshore units, and other marine facilities.

Featured Products


ECDIS Marine Series

Delivering precise
color calibration to
high-end markets

  • PCAP touch screen
  • Dimming control backlight brightness from 0%-100%
  • Wide range 9~36V DC power input
  • Front panel capacitive touch keys
  • ECDIS color calibration

ECDIS Marine Panel PC & Display
15”/ 19”/ 24”/ 26”




ECDIS Marine Series
Standard Marine Series

Durable and
reliable solution for
vessel bridge systems

  • Resistive touch screen
  • Dimming knob to control backlight brightness from 0%-100%
  • Wide range 9~36V DC power input
  • Front panel OSD control

Standard Marine Panel PC & Display
10.4”/ 12.1”/ 15”/ 17”/ 19”/ 24”/ 26”




Standard Marine Series
Marine EAC Box PC I330EAC-IKW

Embedded automation
controller for peripheral
connectivity in marine applications

  • Fanless, high-efficiency thermal design in a sealed construction
  • Aluminum housing
  • 8 x Isolated DIDO, 4 In/ 4 Out
  • 4 x Isolated RS422/485
  • 2 x LAN, 4 x USB 3.0
  • 1 x HDMI, 1 x VGA, 1 x DVI
  • Wide range 9~36 V DC power input with 1.5 KV isolation




Marine EAC Box PC I330EAC-IKW

Case Studies

Bridge Workstation

Bridge Workstation

DNV approved computing for ship automation

Winmate's marine panel PC with ECDIS calibrated display with a multi-touch screen was installed as a part of a maritime bridge system designed to plot and monitor a vessel's position.



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