Advancements in vehicle technology are rapidly accelerating – changing the way cars are built, tested and maintained. Many of these advancements are in response to higher safety standards, consumer expectation, and the drive to improve overall performance and create more fuel-efficient automobiles.

Today, these advanced automotives systems are being controlled and monitored completely by software that must be tested to ensure safety, reliability and quality. One small flaw in software can negatively impact the car's performance. This puts utmost importance on the diagnostic tools and technologies used- as they must be able to communicate with the automobile's systems, and detect safety and performance failure before the car leaves the production line.


- Large High Resolution Screen - Convenient Operation with touch Screen (supporting gloves mode)
- Powerful processor for high computing performance - GFG Screen protection
- Integrated kickstand for easy positioning - IP protection
- Integrated handle for mobility - MIL-STD 810 for shock, drop, and vibration
- High capacity and hot swap battery for 24 hours operations


In the production line, technicians need to be able to place the tablet on the car or engine bay during the diagnostic process. If the tablet is not constructed properly with the right design, the technician will encounter a problem. To prevent this problem, winmate developed an adjustable hinge stand on the rear side of the tablet to maintain a steady position at uneven surface so the technician can work comfortably as they do at their desk. This adjustable hinge also allows them to adjust their viewing angle and having both hands available to make their work process more efficient.

- Highly configuration options : Smart card reader, Barcode scanner
- Large 13.3" High Resolution Screen, support legacy mouse based Windows software with larger screen for touch pen
- Ergonomic formed handle for easy carrying, integrated with the kickstand
- 10600 mAh High Capacity Battery User-replacement without need to shutdown unit for uninterrupted use
- Glass-Film-Glass construction, Robust glass surface on top surface for harsh environment and durability
Vehicle Diagnostic Vehicle Diagnostic


• 13.3-inch Tablet with 1920 x 1080 IPS Display
• Optical-bonded GFG Resistive Touchscreen for Sunlight Readability
• Magnesium Alloy Housing with All-Around Elastomeric Rubber
• Windows Support with 5th Generation Core i5 Platform
• Fanless Thermal Design
• MIL-810G Certified
• IP65 Waterproof and Dust Proof
• Hot-Swappable User-Replaceable Battery
• Rugged design: Anti-shock, Vibration, and Transit Drop