Winmate provides IoT devices such as tablet and handheld devices to enable more efficient and accurate vehicle diagnostics. With assistance of our CAN bus equipped rugged tablet PC, mechanics can connect the tablet PC to OBD port on vehicles to get access to the ECU (Electronic Control Units) for reading, recording, and configuring parameters that are crucial to vehicle safety and operation. Our tablet PC is also designed with a steering wheel mount for secure and convenient placement in vehicle for mechanic operation. On the other hand, our handheld devices equipped with Barcode reader can easy access information embedded on parts tagged with barcodes for accurate recording of data. Lastly, all our devices are designed to be rugged, withstanding shock, drop, and vibration, and are dust and waterproof for use in vehicle repair environment where grease, oil, and fluids are abundant that may damage commercial grade devices.


- CAN bus (ISO 11898 and SAE J2411) to vehicle OBD - Power Protection
- Convenient Operation with Touchscreen - IP Protection
- CE/FCC Class B - MIL-STD 810 for shock, drop, and vibration


- 3G (for data transmission)
- Wireless 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth Module
- Rugged Design for Continual Operation
Vehicle Diagnostic