Safety and Standards

Efficiency requirements are triggering the global adoption of remote diagnostics and passenger information tools in the rail industry. Meanwhile, stringent regulations within the public transportation industry require electronic components that meet the highest standard of functionality, safety, and durability.

Generally, components must comply with industry standard for smoke, vibration, shock, temperature change, and salt mist test. Besides, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) between electrical and electronic systems is also a crucial requirement for the reliable operation of the railway, ensuring the power equipment will not affect the signaling system and cause accidents.


The EN50155 standard is a guidebook that governs the design and testing of electronic equipment used on railway vehicles and related rail applications. To meet the EN50155 requirement, the components must go through a series of strict tests including EMC, cooling, damp heat, salt mist, vibration, and shock tests.

Type Standard/Regulation
Cooling EN50155:2001 / 10.2.3
EN60068-2-1, Test Ad
Dry Heat (operation) EN50155:2001 / 10.2.4
EN60068-2-2, test Bd
Damp heat test, cyclic EN50155:2001 / 10.2.5
EN60068-2-30, Test Db
Salt Mist Test EN50155:2001 / 10.2.10
Vibration Test EN50155:2001 / 10.2.11
EN61373 / IEC61373 / Section 8 ,Section 9
Shock Test EN50155:2001/10.2.11
EN61373 / IEC61373 / Section 10
Low temp. storage test EN50155:2001/10.2.14
Watertightness Test EN50155:2001/10.2.12
(IEC 60529)

IEC 61373

This International Standard specifies the requirements for testing equipment for railway vehicles which are subjected to vibrations and shock. To ensure the operation of the equipments, it has to withstand tests of reasonable duration to simulate the service condition throughout its expected life.

Simulated long-life testing is achieved by amplification, where amplitudes are increased and the time base decreased.

Test carried out on Winmate Equipment using test values for Category 1 Body Mounted, Class B, which is defined as anything mounted inside an equipment case which is turn mounted directly on or under the car body.