Industrial Challenges

With years of experience in building and supplying industrial grade solutions, Winmate strives to provide customers with solutions with even higher standards. Specifically for the railway application, Winmate took the time and effort to study and verify our design and manufacturing process can meet the EN50155 requirements, which means the components must go through a series of strict tests including EMC, cooling, damp heat, salt mist, vibration, and shock tests. For this purpose, our product housing, heat dissipation solution, component mounting process all have been thoroughly reviewed and improved to ensure we meet the standard of EN50155.


Wide-Temperature with Fanless Design

For optimal railway application, our embedded computing solutions are designed to operate without a cooling fan, reducing the risk of fan failure resulting in total system failure.

By using thermal simulation software, Winmate analyzes real-world thermal problems easily, quickly and accurately. With a new breed of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools, this simulation is based on the same mathematical foundation as traditional CFD software but is easy to use.


The calculation will consider at least below factor: Major component’s material properties, Thermal Design Power, Fan curve, Ambient/ External flow condition, Heat flow, Default Emissivity, the emissivity of all heat sinks and materials. The output report is visualized and ready for our thermal engineer to work on.


Prototypes can be made after the designs pass the thermal simulation so that cost including time, money and manpower can be down.

Below is an example case Before the improvement:


And here is the result after the improvement:


Power Isolation

Our equipments are designed to have power isolation to withstand power surge that may occur with railway application.

Power Isolation design isolates the primary power circuitry (DC Power In) from the secondary circuit where the core circuit resides. And this isolation design are normally only built into higher voltage equipement operatingat 90-264V DC Input, however, Winmate has included this important safety features into our low voltage DC input 9-36V equipment.

This isolation can:

  1. ensure safety of the operator from being injured from power surge (1kV).
  2. limit damage to equipment, so core of equipment is not affected to reduce maintenance cost.

Vibration proof

Winmate embedded computing solutions are designed with no moving parts to reduce chance of system failure when those moving parts fail under extreme operating conditions. Moving parts such as cooling fans or traditional hardddrives with mechanical read heads can fail quickly under vibration in railway use. For this reason, our embedded computing soltuions utilize Solid State Drives with no moving read heads for system storage, and also utilize specially designed heat sinks and thermal dissipaters so no cooling fan is required.