Innovative technology

4G / LTE

The Winmate M101B and M700DM4 are among the first Winmate Rugged Tablet pc models to offer 4G LTE connectivity. Through this 4G LTE, M101B and M700DM4 offers higher bandwidth (increase the speed of data transfer), real-time interaction or transactions, faster or real-time sharing of large files and streaming. Through this newsletter, Winmate try to describe some of the benefits that most industries can expect from 4G LTE connectivity.

In public safety, the enhanced 4G LTE connectivity can be used to communicate details to safety officials in the field who can rapidly dispatch the appropriate emergency response and redirect traffic as needed to ensure safety. The M101B is constructed for use in vehicles with its optional secure vehicle dock and antenna pass-through for GPS and driver tracking.

Android AP customization

Winmate offers customized OS images with your specified software, settings and drivers - all pre-loaded, configured, and installed before delivery. This allows you to have units tailor-made, and ready to be deployed for seamless integration into enterprise, saving you valuable time, resources and money.