Industrial Challenges

Vehicle mount

Tablet PCs are often deployed in applications where the user must alternate between in-office, in-vehicle or in-the-field scenarios. To streamline productivity between various applications, Winmate offers desk docks, vehicle docks, and VESA mount kits. This means no matter where and how the tablet is deployed, we have the accessories to get the job done. Vehicle docking is also available for Winmate Tablet such as M700DM4 or M101B that can be installed in any vehicle securely while also expanding the connectivity of it. With our quick release latch, the vehicle docking station allows users to easily remove the Tablet and carry it on the field.

Portable and Light

Lightweight tablets have become requirement for data collection, communication, and numerous computing tasks, it means that tablet form factor has been recognize as most suitable for many tasks on the job. Since many of those tasks are outdoors where it gets wet, hot, or cold and where devices get dropped or rattled.


In Winmate’s product(s) "drop" means an operator drops a computer while holding it in the crook of his arm while collecting data. Shock means the often unpredictable forces a computer is subjected to when mounted in a vehicle, or when the vehicle is in an accident or collision. Vibration means the low level vibration from a motor when a computer is mounted in a vehicle, plus the impact of bumps, pot holes and so on. Temperature range means that a computer left in a car in the sun must start when the operator returns. It also must be able to handle whatever an operator might encounter on the job. Spills and dust means the machine must be reasonably protected against dust, rain or spills in typical working situations.

Various wireless communication

Integrated wireless local networks are faster and more flexible, too. It's now 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. The same goes for mobile broadband options. Those are optionally supplied by either 3G or 4G/LTE Sierra Wireless modules.

Multi device awareness

Intelligent system, multi-device awareness system to support communication, observe and broadcast real-time video, displaying map for building exits, alarm, or scene and synchronized handheld with docked tablet in the vehicle.


Winmate offers customized OS images with your specified software, settings and drivers - all pre-loaded, configured, and installed before delivery. This allows you to have units tailor-made, and ready to be deployed for seamless integration into enterprise, saving you valuable time, resources and money.