Industrial Challenges

Hazardous Location HMI Technology for Efficiency Enhancement

Oil and Gas industry is forecasting tremendous growth over the next several years, like many users in the process industries they face a variety of challenges in managing their upstream and downstream operations. Confronted with a shortage of experienced engineers, space conversation on off-shore platforms and improving energy efficiency are a few key issues today, control, monitoring and diagnostic solutions play a critical role in addressing and solving these challenges. Winmate panel PCs make complex operations and navigation easier for engineers regardless of expertise level. Packaged in a compact footprint they consume less panel space on equipment. Fan-less operation and low power consumption Intel processors (TDP 3.5W) help make this new panel PC one of the most energy efficient HMIs in the world. Finally, they come with optional Windows 7 Embedded or Windows XP embedded to give end-users the flexibility to develop a solution that best suits their requirements.

Surface temperature requirements

Maximum temperature of any surface that may come in contact with a flammable gas or vapor in – air mixture or dust, fibers or flyings shall be determined under normal operational conditions. Such measurements need not be made on the internal parts of sealed devices. Measurement shall be made at any convenient ambient temperature between 10°C and 40°C

Thermal simulation to ensure our device meets all the Class 1 Division 2 requirements. Thermal simulation including:

• Airflow simulation

• Airflow design

• Ventilation design

• Temperature estimation

• Thermal solution scenario

Surface temperature requirements

Surface temperature requirements

Handling the connectors

• Nonincendive components need to pass spark ignition test

• Connector and plug-in components used in incendive circuits and incorporated with equipment shall be considered normally nonarcing if disconnection is not required under operational maintenance conditions and if they require a separating force of at least 15N or if they are mechanically prevented from separating. Plug in components need only pass a pull test of 3 times the mass of the component

• Locking connector type

Handling the connectors

Special Connectors

connectors Part number Description
RS232 to M12 cable, rated IP68 94G0123090Q0 RS232 to M12 cable, rated IP68
Power adapter to IP65 connector 90PO12080003 Power adapter to IP65 connector
2 x USB2.0 to IP65 connector 9480108080Q0 2 x USB2.0 to IP65 connector
RJ45 to M12 cable, rated IP68 94I0120080K0 RJ45 to M12 cable, rated IP68
power cable, rated IP65 94J003L020K1 power cable, rated IP65