It's necessary for the military to have rugged equipments that can survive in harsh environments (such as high/low temperature, moist, Salt fog, Rain ), and tubful conditions (EX. Shock, Vibration, Transits Drop). Besides overcoming harsh environments, the equipments must provide the solders/ fleet with information on a battle field timely and efficiently. So, what the modern military force needs is the Portable Battle Management Computing Product. It can be mounted in combat vehicles (such as jeeps and tanks), or carried by solders (small size rugged tablet). It also provides a wide range of options of Wireless protocol which is essential for the communication in the military environment nowadays.


Wild Temperature High performance
Anti Humidity Anti Transit Drop
Rain Proof Anti Shock
Salt fog Proof Anti Vibration
Low Power consumption


With MIL-STD 810G standard, products survive any harsh environments,wild temperature, moisture prevention, anti vibration, shock, and transit drop.
Low power consumption and high performance platform design.