Innovative Technology

Pristine Image Quality

Multipicture Functionality

All Winmate medical monitors feature 4K/2K resolution with multipicture functions for multitasking and simultaneous viewing of up to four (4) video sources (Quad multipicture mode) at 1080p resolution. Picture-in-Picture (PIP), Picture-by-Picture (PBP), and Picture-Over-Picture (POP) modes are available to increase productivity and performance for video display, surveillance, and other on-site applications.

Up close or far away, with four times the resolution of HD/1080p displays, you'll see details you didn't know were there before. medical teams will appreciate the sharp, detailed images of Winmate medical Monitors.


Gamma Correction 14-bit LUT technology

Winmate medical monitors offer 10-bit color with more than 1.07 billion variations. A 14-bit look-up table (LUT) is included and offers 256 of the most appropriate tones. Utilizing the 14-Bit LUT processing enables accurate rendering of surgical images. Gamma ( γ ) values of 2.4, 2.2, 2.0 and 1.8, are precisely calibrated at our partner's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

To provide users with color accuracy solutions, Winmate is working together with Portrait Displays, Inc., a global leader in visual enhancement software applications and middleware solutions for the display industry.


3D LUT and 1D LUT

3D look-up-table technology offers clients the ability to correct non-linear color rendering errors common in most LCD displays. With the use of the Winmate 3D LUT integration, these corrections are easily made with maximum color retention. Utilizing both the 1D and 3D LUTs together will achieve accurate color rendering. As a result, it is possible to obtain color measurements from a "target" monitor and "color match" the image onto the Winmate 4K/2K.


Optical Bonding – Higher Brightness, Better Clarity, Scratch Resistant

Optical bonding is a process that uses optically clear resin – OCR (i.e. liquid adhesive, optical resin), or optically clear adhesive – OCA (i.e. transparent adhesive film, optical transfer tape), to affix a protective glass overlay or touch screen to the front of a LCD. Filling the air cap between the overlay and the LCD reduces speculation (bouncing light) between the surfaces, thereby increasing contrast, color quality and viewing angle.

This result can be especially important when displays are used under spotlights, surgical lamps, and even bright sunlight.

All Winmate displays are optically bonded for superior visual performance.

Glass / Touch Screen
Liquid / adhesive film
Front Side Panel
Glass / Touch Screen Air
Bubble / Gap Front Side Panel
With optical bonding Without optical bonding

Capacitive touch keys

Winmate's capacitive keys, provide users quick and easy access to the information they need. Multi-touch capabilities have also been added to provide greater control and flexibility, making this medical display a reliable solution in a variety of scenarios where human- interface interaction is involved.


Ambient Light Sensor

When our medical display is moved from one lighting condition to another, or if the ambient light suddenly increases or decreases, the ambient light sensor will adjust the display's brightness to a lower or higher level automatically. The ambient light sensor will assistant the Human Visual System (HVS) adapt to changing room light conditions. Thus, allowing the user a consistent visual experience when viewing images on our monitors.