Winmate M101B Product Guide

The M101 is a rugged mobile tablet PC featuring a 10.1" High Resolution 1920 x 1200 IPS LED display and Low-power system with Intel Atom N2930 Quad Core 1.83 GHz Processor. Winmate's M101 provides an alternative solution for those between general consumer and extremely rugged application.

M101 Docking

M101 Docking

Winmate M101B for Product Management and Asset Tracking

Winmate M101B tablet pc, offers enterprise-ready and fully customizable solutions designed to streamline complex logistics environments and maximize operational efficiencies.

Winmate M101B for Warehouse and Inventory Management

M101B for warehouse and inventory management

Winmate M101B for Direct Store Delivery

Winmate M101B for direct store delivery

Winmate M101 Series - Rugged Windows/ Android Tablet PC for Harsh Environments

Winmate M101 rugged Tablet must meet a variety of test standards in order to be suitable for harsh environments. We will provide Performance, Ruggedness, and Reliability for our customers.