2011/05/20 Winmate Bar type Display Solution – 19.2 inches available
2011/05/13 New Generation Intel Atom Dual Core D525 Embedded Panel PC with Fanless Design
2011/05/06 20.1" 1600x1200(UXGA) Display Integrates into High- end Solutions
2011/04/26 ARM-HMI Panel PC Series Expand Flexibility in Small-Size
2011/04/14 5.7" Handheld Device - Making Outdoor Work Easier and More Efficient
2011/04/09 12.1" G-WIN Rugged Series New Released
2011/02/22 An Innovative Design for Digital Signage—42” All-in-One Signage Display Compliant with Intel Open Pluggable Specification
2011/01/31 Powerful Hardware Enhancements in Embedded Computing Family
2011/01/21 7”G-Win Series Facilitate Rugged Application
2011/01/14 Lightweight, portable,and easy used device~ 7-inch Compact Rugged Tablet PC
2010/12/31 PCI Slot Panel PC Series Satisfy User' Multi-demand for I/O Interface
2010/12/17 An Innovative Design for Digital Signage—Display Pluggable Standard (DPS)
2010/12/08 Microsoft and Intel spin Windows Embedded signage platform
2010/12/03 Winmate launces the CAN Bus Rugged Tablet PC for vehicle diagnostic and service information system.
2010/10/22 Winmate provides a new option in EAC box PC product line- The I771EAC Box PC(will be available on Nov. 2010)
2010/10/15 Winmate's 20.1" Military Grade Rugged Console Display will be available in December
2010/10/04 Winmate's ARM-HMI series - Now are available
2010/09/24 Winmate's LED Backlight Display series - All are available now!!
2010/09/17 New version of 10.4" Rugged Tablet PC-Better protection and nice looking
2010/09/03 HMI Panel PC Series Now On Sale
2010/08/20 Introducing 15" Rugged PPC and Rugged Display for Railway Application
2010/08/06 A370 Accelerates the Performance of Digital Signage and Box PC-Impressive MSS970-A3 & A370 Box PC
2010/07/21 A Solid Automobile Solution-IA70 Intel Atom Car Box PC
2010/07/09 New B/L panel for 12.1" Rugged Tablet PC series
2010/07/02 Innovation on the road- Transportation Solutions
2010/06/24 The freedom of 3G now also available for Winmates Digital signage
2010/06/18 Bus Bundle-Seamless 3G integration
2010/05/15 A370 & I371 Motherboards have been revealed from now
2010/05/07 Winmate has unveiled DSEK-10, the Digital Signage Evaluation Kit in May, 2010
2010/04/08 Introducing 10.4 inches Green Fanless Panel PC adapted with PCMCIA Expansion Slot
2010/04/02 Full Range of Embedded Computing Solution fulfill your business needs
2010/03/24 Intuitive and interactive learning experience-10” Wireless Interactive Whiteboard
2010/03/18 G-WIN Full IP67
2010/03/11 Winmate's Interactive Network Player-MSS550T Make Your Signage More Interactive and Effective!
2010/03/04 Uninterruptible Charger Box is available
2010/02/11 Winmate offers high performance class of LCD-65 inch 10-Bit Color LCD
2010/02/05 Winmate Launches New Rugged Tablet PC Series-Hot-swap Second Battery for Extended Operating Hours!
2010/01/28 Winmate Tradeshow Events-Invitation for CeBIT 2010
2010/01/21 Success Story of Bus Bundle Solution
2010/01/14 15 inch Atom Based Wide Range Temperature Panel PC is available
2010/01/07 Winmate Releases High Brightness LED Backlight Solutions for Outdoor Applications
2009/12/31 Winmate Launches New Accessories for Rugged Tablet PC Series--Vehicle Mount Docking Station with Car Charging
2009/12/24 A High-Performance Server to manage Signage Players via Web Browser
2009/12/17 Winmate offers high performance class of LCD-55 inch 10-Bit Color, 120Hz LCD
2009/12/11 Winmate Launches New Rugged Tablet PC Series-Hot-swap Second Battery for Extended Operating Hours!
2009/12/04 Winmate's Access Management System - a new Product Line for your safety!
2009/11/27 New 46" High brightness LCD-maximum impact for your display
2009/11/19 G-Win 15" Rugged Series Panel PC
2009/11/13 Smart Signage Display is Accelerated By WiFi Mobility
2009/11/05 Winmate's LED Backlight Solutions - 17~21.5 inches available
2009/10/30 Individual CPM module protects your electronic device in Transportation, and Save on Energy
2009/10/22 Winmate's 1U Rack Server – Meet the needs of performance intensive and low-power embedded applications
2009/10/15 Winmate 2010 Next Generation Digital Signage Solution Debut - Compact, Intel North Harbor BOX PC
2009/10/09 Winmate's 120 Hz display solutions
2009/10/01 Durable Stainless Standalone Media Player Integrated LCD - 15~19 inches available
2009/09/17 Winmate's LED Backlight Solutions
2009/09/10 Winmate's Access Management System - a new Product Line for your safety!
2009/09/03 G-WIN 15 inch Panel PC Series complies with the standard of MIL-810F/461E
2009/08/28 Powerful New Features to Enhance Your Digital Signage Application
2009/08/20 Winmate is launching the new military grade series Display and Panel PC, which are designed for the use in extremely harsh environments
2009/08/13 Winmate Rugged Tablet PC I880 Core2Duo Series on
2009/08/06 New OSD Control for more convenient and user-friendly Control on our New Marine Bridge System Panel PCs and Displays - Series 2.
2009/07/31 10.1" Value Line Panel PC Well worth it's value!
2009/07/23 New Style Of Teaching - Digital Writing Pad With NXBoard
2009/07/16 Extend your vision on the road with Ultra Rugged Transportation Display
2009/07/14 Winmate is having a sale on 15" ATOM POS
2009/07/02 Winmate Newslette:Computex Digital Signage Experience Tour & Education IT
2009/06/26 22" LCD and PPC Value Line Series designed for Portrait Mode
2009/06/18 Winmate I980 Atom Z530 Series reviewed by
2009/06/04 Modular Smart Display with 3G Mobility Plus
2009/05/27 Digital Writing Pad - Intuitive, Interactive and Creative!
2009/05/21 New 46" High brightness LCD-Highest impact with your content
2009/05/14 Increased Performance-Winmate GM45 Products
2009/05/07 Computex 2009 2 June - 6 June Invitation-letter
2009/04/30 Winmate's first Experience Tour - arranged for you during Computex 2009
2009/04/24 Standalone Bus Digital Signage-Easily Plays Your Advertisement
2009/04/16 Winmate New Dual Display PC
2009/04/09 A dream comes true! The world's first Rugged Tablet PC with more than 10 hours operating time – Available now from Winmate
2009/04/02 A Huge Success for Winmate at CeBIT 2009-Rugged Tablet and Full-IP65 products aroused enthusiastic response from each visitor.
2009/03/20 Winmate Outdoor Solution Bundle
2009/03/13 Enrich your public display system with optional modules, Remote OSD control and scheduling gives you more choice and flexibility
2009/03/05 The innovative way to present legendary art, history or technology more unique and educative
2009/02/26 1st Edition of "Your Winmate" Magazine for Spring 2009
2009/02/20 Medical Rugged Tablet PC - Say Goodbye to the Clipboard and Unwieldy Patient Files!
2009/02/12 Flash Network Player - Box-Enjoy the stunning effect of Flash at reasonable cost !!
2009/02/05 Save Money During Recession!-The first Fanless Atom dual display BOX PC in the world
2009/01/22 3 Min. to Know Why You Need a Winmate Rugged Tablet PC - 1st with Atom Platform in the World
2009/01/12 Winmate rolls out a Mini DC Converter
2009/01/06 ATOM Full Size Panel PC Released
2008/12/18 First Rugged Box PC approved with DNV Maritime Certification
2008/12/12 Rugged POS in Kitchen
2008/12/11 Full IP65 all Weatier LCD Display
2008/11/17 BusBundle-2 new Accessories available now!
2008/11/10 Coolest V270 VESA PC-Slim and Easy for Display Combination
2008/10/27 Full Series of Rugged Tablet PC available now!
2008/10/20 Interactive Mediaplayer now with Music Slideshow as Box or 7" to 42" LCD
2008/10/07 Easy Bus Bundle Installation
2008/10/02 Full IP65 stainless LCD monitor is available now!
2008/09/26 Winmate rolls out a new Intel Atom Box PC
2008/09/18 More User-Friendly, Better Performance -The Ultimate Digital Signage Solution for You
2008/09/12 Winmate Newsletter-Winmate rolls out Rugged Tablet PC-V280
2008/09/04 7" Digital Signage System for Transportation
2008/08/29 Winmate launch largest interactive touch monitor
2008/08/25 Applying Isolation Technologies in Winmate's Products as Reliable Industrial Devices
2008/08/15 Tourist Bus Digital Signage Bundle
2008/08/08 Winmate launches new Customized LCD TV Product Line
2008/08/01 Winmate rolls out a new VIA industrial Box PC
2008/08/01 Brand new Flash Network Player MSS970 Series released!
2008/07/25 BUS Digital Signage Bundle
2008/07/18 Winmate Newsletter-Full Support of Microsoft Windows Vista - now for all MSO Software available!
2008/07/18 Quad-display All-in-One Computers
2008/07/11 New Accessory for the Marine Product line announced!-The new universal Bracket for Stand or Roof mounting
2008/07/09 Winmate Newsletter-MSS Series - Security Bulletin - safety, security and reliability
2008/07/04 Winmate launches a new 7" Automobile LCD
2008/07/04 FULL HD Network Player with Live input - Show live TV and be more attractive!
2008/06/30 Winmate newsletter-Media Player is re-born as Interactive Platform!
2008/06/13 Winmate Newsletter-First Full HD Standalone Mediaplayer-Digital Poster vs. Paper Poster
2008/06/04 G-WIN Rugged PPC Series-The most solid, high performing and reliable solution in the market!!
2008/05/21 Winmate COMPUTEX Invitation
2008/05/16 Low Cost, High Impact and Interactive Stand-Alone Dynamic Digital Signage Systems
2008/05/12 Think Green, Consider Our Environment
2008/05/09 1U Rackmount Console with KVM gets a new feature upgrade for IP remote control with Raritan inside
2008/05/02 UXGA LCD Monitors: new quick delivery program
with 2M resolution

Winmate rolls out a new high performance industrial Box PC

2008/04/17 Low Cost, High Impact and Interactive Stand-Alone Dynamic Digital Signage Systems
2008/04/03 High Quality and Long Distance Solution - SDI Signal Transmission without Quality loss
2008/04/02 VIDEOS – for a better DEMO and faster understanding Digital Signage Video Introduction
2008/03/28 Intel Celeron M Fanless panel PC Series available now from 8.4" up to 19" in Openframe, Chassis, IP65 and PanelMount / High Performance,Fanless and Robust Intel Core 2 Duo Solution Box PC I370-EAC-201 is Available Now!
2008/03/21 New LED Backlight Products - 8" Open Frame and Chassis / Product Change Notice-Media Player MPC110 BOX Has New I/O Placement
2008/03/14 T4-Series VIA Eden Fanless Panel PC / G-WIN Converter board for distributed I/O of Industrial Automation
2008/03/04 Optical Bonding Reduces the reflection, improves the contrast and ruggedness
2008/02/29 See our new Rugged Mobile PC W770 at CeBIT 2008
2008/02/27 Driving Display & Embedded demand through Innovation
2008/02/25 A better Download Center for Customers / Winmate launches 7" and 8.4" new LED Backlight Open Frame Monitors
2008/02/18 Winmate releases I570 SBC now/Born to Industrial Automation! New Embedded Automation Controller I330EAC-201 Deliver the Best Performance in the Market!
2008/01/28 I570 FANLESS Single Board Computer/Rugged Panel PC-I330 High Performance
2008/01/11 Thermal Analysis applied to Winmate G-WIN Rugged PC for optimized Efficiency
2008/01/02 Winmate has announced New A171 Rugged Box PC

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