Food Industry, Beverage & Chemical Solution

Food Industry, Beverage and Chemical Solution


Whether it is the actual processing of the food or the packaging of the food, automation is everywhere in today’s modern food plants. Plant floor automation helps keep costs down and food quality up. The stainless series was developed for food processing, packaging and pharmaceutical industries where there is a need for water resistant devices that can withstand daily wash-downs to keep a clean food production facility.

Industrial Challenges

  • Rigors of factory floor operations

    Devices for the operations at the factory floor should work in changing conditions such as dust, water splashes and humidity.
  • High hygienic requirements of specific industries

    Some industries have strict hygienic requirements. Devices and factory floor must be cleaned with high temperature water or chemicals.
  • High pressure and high temperature wash downs

    Due to high hygienic requirements of the food industry specifically, devices are subject to high pressure and high temperature wash downs.
  • Corrosion resistance

    Devices installed in a food processing or chemical factory floor are subject to often cleaning with aggressive chemicals, wet ad dusty environments that causes corrosion. That is why SUS304 stainless steel material is the first choice when it comes to product design.
  • User-friendly intuitive interface

    The interface of HMI devices should be simple and user-friendly for the operator.

Innovative Technology

  • Water and dust protection IP69K / IP67 / IP65

    The IP Code, International Protection Marking, IEC standard 60529, sometimes interpreted as Ingress Protection Marking, classifies and rates the degree of protection provided by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures against intrusion, dust, accidental contact, and water. Ingress Protection (IP) rating notifies that the unit is water and dust resistant. For example, IP65 level indicates that the device’s enclosure has no ingress of dust; complete protection against contact (dust tight), and is protected from water jets. While IP69K withstands extensive wash downs with corrosion resistance against cleaning agents, especially against close-range high-pressure (up to 30 Bar), high temperature (up to 80°C) wash downs.
  • Mechanical design

    Winmate design its products in-house and always come up with innovative product design solutions. The new P-Series Panel PC and Display features waterproof conduit pipe that offers extra protection. The custom-built waterproof conduit pipe is preinstalled to give an additional layer of protection for the peripheral cables connected to the device.
  • Operational safety

    The included air vent valve comes with an automatic mechanical system to act as a safety device that controls and maintains pressure without the user’s assistance in order to avoid air related problems.
  • Signature true flat design

    Easy to clean and prevent liquid droplets penetrating any openings in the device.

    Signature true flat design

  • Optical Bonding

    Optical bonding is a process that uses optically clear resin to affix a protective glass overlay or touch screen to the front of an LCD. Filling the air gap between the overlay and the LCD reduces speculation between the surfaces, thereby increasing contrast, color quality and viewing angles.

    Optical Bonding

Safety and Standards

  • Safety

    CE, FCC
  • IEC Standard 60529

    IP65/ IP67/ IP69K-rated: water and dust protection

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