Digital Signage in museum

Winmate’s Museum digital signage line provides a complete solution, from general interactive information digital signage displays to exhibit specific focused digital signage. From the moment you enter, motion sensors trip and trigger general information digital signage to help guide visitors to their desired destination.
Winmate’s museum information display provides detailed floor exhibit locations and descriptions. The display’ content can be easily updated via wirelessly through WAN based content management software, eliminating the need to print new static signs.


  Solution Example:
  At the entrance
  • General museum information
  • Greetings and messages for visitors
  • Opening and closing hours
  • Ticket prices, promotions of special exhibitions or artists
  • Museum promotional video

  At the exhibition hall, hallway
  • Museum guide and video clips of recent exhibitions or performances
  • Artists can also broadcast their live performances to all displays within the museum.
  In front of elevators
  • Museum guide and video clips of recent exhibitions or performances.
  • Museum promotional video
  • Activities announcement


More information provide
Visitors can use the interactive digital signage to get more information about the   
origin, background and story of a work of art
Spread the achievements of digital archives to the public  
There are so many museums invest in digital archives for many years. Through   
Winmate’s interactive digital signage, it can facilitate the museum to spread their  
achievements of digital archives to the public. Instant message
Provide visitors for museum/gallery instant information
Ex. Museum guide and video clips of recent exhibitions or performances
Alleviate the work loading
When visitors can get more information about the museum/gallery, they will
reduce  the needs of inquiring.   
Increase the score in Museum Appraise
Innovation is one of Museum Appraise item, combine technology and
art to create a  more pleasant and convenient space is valuable


  Marketing Documents & Video
- Wide Voltage
- Customized ID Design
- Touch screen
  Application Videos :

-Digital signage in museum



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