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During the last five years, people have higher expectations in technology and what it can do for them. The desire for “more and better” has grown exponentially. For example, in our homes we are no longer passively sitting in front of the TV, helplessly staring at the screen. Now, interactive video games “like Nintendo Wii” have become the entertainment choice for individuals and families. Video on demand and Internet TV are growing rapidly. We believe that students nowadays are not satisfied to stare at static images drawn on a whiteboard or even projected on a screen.

  We expect current information available instantaneously with the ability to interact with what is being shown to us in real time. Winmate knows the education market, and as a leader in technology, we can provide you with the new Campus Bundle – Interactive Display that can communicate and interact in your the classroom to engage and interact with teachers and students. Now, we provide Interactive display with size from 32" to 57" for the customers’ applications.
  Campus Bundle-Interactive Display System Diagram
  Real application
Case Study

In November 2008, Chinese Culture University Account Management Course had built in Winmate 57 inch Interactive Display and Accounting Software to improve the studying attitude and study the effectiveness of significant growth. Dr. Huang said: ”This system using an interactive way to learn Account Management is the best idea to eliminate the boredom of course .

More detail, please see our 57” Interactive Touch LCD Video
  • High Resolution, get a big impact and lots of attentions.
  • For teachers who need their message understood and remembered, Winmate Interactive Display enables educators to present class materials while sitting on a chair or standing at a podium, allowing them to face the class and actively engage students in the learning process.

  • Touch function, More Interactive. Improve the study efficiently.  
  • The touch interface is to help the students explore and master new ways to learn and communicate by interacting with shapes, symbols, pictures, sounds, maps, diagrams and drawings.

  • Easy to integrate with the school computers.
  • Winmate Interactive Display provides VGA and Video input standard connectors. It can connect the teacher’s computer to provide a total content solution package, allowing teachers to display class materials and education content directly on display.

  • Reducing shadows, cabling issue, Radiated heat and Fan Noise.
  • Winmate Interactive Display is mounting on the Wall directly without projector and other power cable. Base on our solution, customers didn’t need to use a projector, so we provide an user and friendly meeting environment.  

    Winmate will continue investing in technology that supports the improvement of your learning environment, today and tomorrow.

    - Infrared Touch Technology 
    - Thermal Analysis

    - Mounting Kits Design

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