Well-control or Loss-control? To Improve Planting & Production Process, See the Bean Sprout factory For Example

Through highly automation process of the Bean Sprout production factory, from seeding, irrigating (automation spray), nourishing (environment control), to harvesting. See how WinMate automation solution improve the efficiency, constant stability and long term cost-saving effect.

Those kind of automation technologies have been widely applied in today’s plant production & management in plant industry or at green house such as field crops, floriculture, organic agriculture, vegetable crops production, fruit & orchard production…etc.

Solution Example

Real Case Study

There is a bean sprout factory locate at San-Xia town, Taipei county in Taiwan. With only 4 workers but can produce around 7 tons of bean sprout crop per day. Highly-automation production control factory devices including WinMate full-IP 65 panel pc and CPM controller are the key successful factor for the factory.


More intelligent and safety way to enhance productivity

WinMate CPM system help to maintain the green house be well-controlled at power failure, protection from ignition, and the most important to protect the factory from over or under improper ambient temperature.

Rugged and highly reliable LCD monitor / Panel Computer

For the most of plant factory meet the harsh environment of hot & cold environment, high humidity, water spraying and dust. Winmate fully IP65 LCD/ Panel PC and Rugged Panel PC never fear.

User friendly Touchscreen interface for Automation User Interface

With reliable touchscreen integrated with our Full IP65 LCD/Panel PC and Rugged Panel PC, it’s perfect equipment for any automation control software utility.