Winmate offers flexible industrial automation solutions which can be designed to meet customers’request. With motion control function blocks and remote diagnostic utilities, providing solutions in various control architectures. These solutions are aimed at satisfying the demanding requirements of many industrial applications, including, electronics manufacturing and packaging and so on. Our automation products can provide integrated operation, runtime and information into customized software systems to improve the production yield rate and optimized usage of all the facilities.

You still think the slaughterhouse factories are the place with dirty blood, stinky smell and very uncomfortable environment? That’s would be a big mistake, or you can say, something can be changed by using right coworker. Looking at how elegant, clean, and efficiency job done by the slaughterhouse with a fully waterproofed Panel PC to control the status of the slaughter process.

Through highly automation process of the Bean Sprout production factory, from seeding, irrigating (automation spray), nourishing (environment control), to harvesting. See how WinMate automation solution improve the efficiency, constant stability and long term cost-saving effect.

Most petrol station is in semi-outdoor environment, and normal digital signage is vulnerable to rain and dust. Winmate's Full IP65 Panel PC design in stainless steel housing ensures long lifetime and durability of out products in public applications. Winmate also adopt the water and dust proof technology in our digital signage to make sure your digital signage can work in the harsh environment.