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E500 Series

5" Industrial PDA
(E500 Series)

M101 Series

10.1" Rugged Tablet PC
(M101 Series)

13.3" Ultra Rugged

13.3" Ultra Rugged Tablet
(M133 Series)

E430 Series

4.3" Industrial PDA
(E430 Series)


9.7" Rugged Tablet PC

10.4" / 8.4" Ultra Rugged

10.4" / 8.4" Ultra Rugged


4.3" Industrial PDA

M9020 tablet

7" Rugged Tablet PC

8.4" Ultra Rugged Tablet

8.4" Ultra Rugged Tablet

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3.5" Industrial PDA

M700 Series

7" Rugged Tablet PC
(M700 Series)

10.4" Ultra Rugged Tablet

10.4" Ultra Rugged Tablet

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7" Rugged Tablet PC

12.1" Ultra Rugged Tablet

12.1" Ultra Rugged Tablet

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Testing Authentication

Product MIL-STD 810-F/G IP UL60950 CE/FCC CCC 461-E
S370T IP67  
E430T/M IP66  
G570Z IP65      
7"HH(I98H) IP65      
8.4" Tablet IP54    
10.4" Tablet IP54    
12.1" Tablet IP54    
8.4" G-WIN PPC IP65 in front side    
10.4" G-WIN PPC IP65 in front side      
15" G-WIN PPC IP65 in front side      
8.4" G-WIN Display IP65 in front side      
10.4" G-WIN Display IP65 in front side    
15" G-WIN Display IP65 in front side      
EAC BOX PC      
20.1" Military Display IP65 in front side    
Note 1
MIL-STD 810F/G: Hight temperature Method 501.4
Low temperature Method 502.4
Vibration Method 514.5
Shock Method 516.5
Dust&Waterproof test Follow IEC60529
Note 2
MIL-STD461E/F: RE102 Radiated Emission
CE102 Radiated Emission

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Rugged Tablet PC for Military Public Safety with Winmate Tablet PC Rugged Tablet PC in Hospital Rugged Tablet PC in Warehouse Tablet PC as Mobile POS in Amusement Park Rugged Tablet PC V280 applications


With multi-function design, the docking station can support battery
charging and also function expansion as USB, RS232, LAN and
VGA. (depends on OS platform)


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