Rugged IP67 Solution

Winmate IP67 series panel PC based on Iatest Intel’s Atom processor is designed in a very robust and waterproof (IP 67/NEMA 6) in aluminum housing. Withstanding even the highest demands of all-day field use, and protected against shock and vibration.

IP67 Panel PC
IP67 Panel PC Winmate a global leader in the industrial panel pc technologies and solution offers IP67 Panel Computers to withstand harsh and severe environments. Winmate housing has anti-corrosion protection and carries an IP67 sealing rating that is completely protected against dust and water from all direction.
IP67 Display
IP67 Display Winmate IP67 display is designed to meet IP 67/NEMA 6 with dust/water resistant protection and anti-corrosion features, the display could fulfill even the highest demands of all-day field use and fit into a wide variety of applications, such as: avionics, military, marine, etc