Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

EAC/Marine IPC

EAC/Marine IPC EAC/Marine IPC was born to industrial automation and M2M (machine to machine) applications. Intel Ultra Low Voltage processor.

Standard IPC

Standard IPC Winmate Standard IPCs are compact and silent for industrial application, such as controller and thin client.

Embedded Computer EAC Mini

Embedded Computer EAC Mini EAC Mini IL20EAC-N is an industrial embedded computer with low power consuming Intel® Apollo Lake N3350 1.1 GHz processor and great expansion possibilities.

Embedded Computer EAC PRO-IK90

Embedded Computer EAC PRO-IK90 6th Generation Intel® Xeon E3 Processors, 7th Generation Core™ i7/i3 Processors and C236 chipset feature high performance computing and outstanding video processing, EAC PRO has abudant I/O ports and expansible PCIe cards for factory, Industrial PC, vision measurement, surveillance, machine automation and high-resolution medical imaging.

Fanless IPC

Fanless IPC Winmate provides the most professional Fanless Solutions by all kinds of Winmate’s Single Board Computers. It will be affordable to integrate the most stable industrial computing and meet various harsh environment capability.


Full IP65 EAC BOX PC Winmate provides the Box PC designed with Full IP65 construction based on professional Fanless Solution.

Slim DIN Rail Box PC

Slim DIN Rail Box PC Winmate IBDR Box PC is a compact industrial Box PC and designed for a wide variety of industrial automation or machine-to-machine applications, the device measures just 85.5 x 152mm and 139mm tall. It combines an Intel Baytrail-M N2930 processor with extensive and flexible I/O support both for legacy connections requiring RS232/485 serial ports with isolation, as well as 20 pins terminal block digital I/O ports, standard USB connections and gigabit Ethernet, For secure mounting, this Box PC can be installed easily on a DIN (Deutsche Industrie Norm) rail mount or in distribution box

M-Series Box PC

M-Series Box PC Winmate offers a powerful, versatile and cost-effective solution for dynamic industrial needs. The system design allows promptly upgrading the memory, replacing the hard disk or modifying the display size. Winmate Modular Box PC is a flexible and customizable solution that empower applications where TCO and quick recovery of failure is important

2U Rack Server

2U Rack Server Winmate intelligent embedded systems is an effective solution for industrial application.IV7T-RK2U are available as a 2U rugged server grade IPC, rack mount Display and PPC are design for server room.

Multi-display PCs

Multi-display PCs Winmate has over 5 year of experience and knowledge in designing, integrating, and manufacturing industrial solutions. Now, we provide multi-display PCs solutions for high-quality graphics applications. We believe we can offer the most reliable, easy to use products to meet your requirement