Industrial Display

Open Frame LCD
Open Frame Winmate offers LCD open frame kits with a versatile open-frame chassis for special mounting applications e.g. KIOSK or industrial PC area.

Chassis LCD
Chassis LCD Display housing in a sleek design, giving it a special custom appearance. It is perfectly fits for space constricted application.
Chassis Standard Color Options: Black(default), Silver.

IP65 LCD Solution(front side)
IP65 Solution (front side) Designed to be rugged, IP65- displays are ideal for use in wet and dusty environments, such as outdoor kiosks or spa pool kiosks.

Panel Mount LCD
Panel Mount Panel Mounted LCD is used for space consideration. The panel is secured from the front,with the sides of the panel appear on the outside.

Full IP65/NEMA 4 Display
Full IP65/NEMA 4 Display Full IP65-rated displays are ideal for use in harsh environments. In NEMA 4 ,I/O connectors are equipped with IP65 type connector.

Full IP67 Display
Full IP67 Display Winmate IP67 model came with Aluminum and Stainless housing with four special, waterproof ports that required screw-on adapter cables to provide external connectivity.

P-Cap Panel Mount LCD IP65(Front)
P-Cap Panel Mount LCD IP65(Front) Winmate P-Cap LCD is a multi-touch solution with a high degree of accuracy, crystal clear resolution and exquisite design with IP65.

LCD Scaler Board
LCD Scaler Board Winmate provides a series of LCD controllers for OEM monitor and flat panel display solutions. Various I/O and resolution to fulfill users’ needs.

Sunlight Readable-Transflective LCD
Sunlight Readable The Sunlight Readable products enhance display application readability in terms of brightness, dimming range and viewing pleasure.

G-WIN Rugged Display
G-WIN Rugged Display G-WIN Rugged Displays are equipped with anti-shock & vibration, full IP65 protection and anti-corrosion coating. Can be used in logistics, fleet and heavy vehicles management

Wide Range Temperature LCD
Wide Range Temp. LCDs which are capable of delivering accurate color images in extreme sunlight with temperature range from -20 to 65 degree Celsius. (From 8.4 to 17 inches)

4K2K Solutions
4K2K Solutions Winmate High Resolution Display not only provide rugged display design but also with High Resolution up to 3840*2160.

Rear Mount LCD
Rear Mount LCD Rear Mounted LCD may be used when there is a safety consideration,for example in ATMS.It is secured from the back,without the sides of the panel showing.

Rack LCD/1U Console Drawer
Rack LCD Rack LCD/1U Drawer with handle bar is a great option for server racks, cabinets, room controls, security monitoring and industrial solutions.

Multi-Touch LCD
Multi-Touch LCD Winmate Multi-Touch LCD is a Cost-effective solution with a high degree of accuracy, crystal clear resolution and surprising affordability.

High Brightness LCD Kits
High Brightness LCD Kits Winmate display product series are going to be used in outdoor environments; this means the display must be viewable in daylight. Winmate LCD high brightness kits come with various sizes of industrial grade display which is verified to work with all Winmate embedded boards and systems

LCD + Board Kits
LCD + Board Kits For your special project design-in demand,we provide you an easy and one-stop shopping for all Single Board Computer and all necessary cables.

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