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With human depending on the internet and digital communications in ever increasing numbers, now we can do more and more things and more efficient in the kitchen. According to this trend, Winmate release a completed solution for ideal kitchen bundle for Fast food Restaurant applications. It installed in the Fast food Restaurant enables chefs to receive instructions via wireless technology from a waiter in the front end of the restaurant. It has features designed for the customized needs of the kitchen, and it also solves all the problems in the kitchen.

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  • Provide quality service

    The Kitchen bundle System displays the correct information to the chef and cook, reduce the chance of missing customer’s orders and enhances guest satisfaction with more convenient service, which leads repeat visits, positive word of mouth and enhanced market position.

  • Speed up the service. Create your fortune.

    Reduce the waiting time per guest, and then grow up the revenue. The system can generate a high return on investment for its customers.

  • Built-in 802.11b/g wireless module conducts data transmission wherever you are.

    The integrated antenna on Winmate POS PC and Full-IP65 Panel PC ensures uninterrupted wireless connection in retail stores and restaurants. The wireless option reduces cable costs and enables more devices to be connected to transmit transaction or inventory data in real time.

  • Reliable Fanless solution for Rigorous Environments

    The Intel Atom solutions generate less heat. Winmate Kitchen bundle is built in Intel Atom processor, which is the best performance for Fanless platforms.

    We believe that you can depend upon Winmate to continue investing in technology that supports the growth of your business, today and tomorrow.
    1.After receiving the order form the customer, the staffs send it to the kitchen by wireless.
    2.The rugged POS gets the order information and shows it to the chef and cooks.
    3.The Full-IP65 Panel PC will display the order information.
    4.Chef can check the order and cook it.
    5.When the meal has been done, the chef will send the message to the counter by wireless immediately



- Water-dust IP resistant

- Touch Screen

- Wide Temperature

- Thermal Analysis

- Embedded CPU Board

- Mounting Kits Design

Find below the Overview of our Marketing materials to help you get more details and become familiar with the technologies, software and great performance of our system:

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